External Links

For more information about neuroscience and its history, please see the following websites:

Society for Neuroscience – This site contains facts about neuroscience, more history, and neuroscience in the news, as well as ways to become involved in the field of neuroscience as a member or an advocate.

The Journal of Neuroscience – This website hosts journal articles on neuroscience. Most articles can be read as HTML or downloaded as a .pdf

Science Daily – Science Daily is a website devoted to research news. This link will open directly to their Neuroscience News section.

Edwin Smith Surgical Papyrus Case Studies – This links to the Tour Egypt website’s page on the Edwin Smith Surgical Papyrus, referenced in The Beginnings of Neuroscience, and contains more information on the 48 case studies included in the papyrus.

Cerebri Anatome – This links to the Google Play free ebook copy of Thomas Willis’ Cerebri Anatome, referenced in The Beginnings of Neuroscience.

By Caitlin Robertson

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