About Us

Our names are George Florence, Jess Foss, Caitlin Robertson, and Paul Waltsak, and we are undergraduate students at the University of Mary Washington.

This site was created as a semester long project for Psychology 421, The History of Psychology. The goal of the project is to research and write about the history of a psychological topic from a historicist view. Rather than presenting the history of the project as topic by topic without any connection between subjects, figures, and world views, we aim to present the history of neuroscience as a narrative, showing the change in thought and technology over time.

Each page is individually authored.

The Beginnings of Neuroscience by Caitlin Robertson

Neuroscience, 1800-1900 by Paul Waltsak

Neuroscience, 1900-2012 by Jess Foss

Technology by George Florence

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